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01 Apr 2020

Blog Post

Wix Review 2019

Wix Review 2019 

Wix is a Website Builder established in 2006 by the Israeli-owned Wix Company. Since inception, Wix has grown exponentially to host a staggering 150 million users as of 2019.

Wix is a Drag-and-Drop-type Website Builder that automatically runs in your browser. More importantly, there is no installation needed and Wix offers its own web-hosting services.

To date, Wix has the widest array of options of any Website Builder in the market. From pre-built designs to 500 plus different themes. If there ever was an option, Wix has it!

wix website builderWix has the widest array of options

With Wix, building a website can be as simple as 123 (Sign-in, select a template, and begin designing). You can build your own website in HTML5 as well as a Mobile website without a tad of technical skills or coding.

How Does Wix Work?

Building a website on Wix resembles moving into a pre-built house. The structure, represented by the theme, is solid and can’t be changed. But you can decorate the interior as you see fit.

Once you settle on a theme, you cannot switch it later. If you have to change it, be ready to redesign the whole website or scrap it and start from scratch.

But don’t worry, Wix has the latest designs in templates and an impressive collection of Apps, widgets, and tools in the Wix App Market.

wix drag and drop builder

Drag and Drop your images anywhere

When we call it a Drag-and-Drop website builder, that is exactly what it is. You can literally drag and drop images, text, and videos anywhere you want. And the best part is, you get to see your website taking shape.

But as far as controlling your website, designing it is about as far as you will go. Wix has an all-inclusive approach to its business including hosting its users’ websites. Additionally, they own the tools to build the websites as well as the Admin Panel where you sign-in to your website.

This may not be a problem if you’re a novice who needs help. With the sheer number of options offered, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Otherwise, it is a good thing that Wix tries to start you off from the template stage rather than actual scratch.

Who Should Use Wix?

By now you may be wondering if Wix is a good fit. Wiz is suitable for small businesses that require a single sub-level website.

In fact, Wiz carries loads of industry-specific templates catering to Small Enterprises, Cafes and Restaurants, Musicians, Graphic Designers, Photographers, and Hospitality businesses.

If your business requires a huge website with 30 pages or more and complex structures, Wiz is not your ideal choice.

Wix Features

Wix has some outstanding features which make it a leader in the website building front. We want our Wix Review to reflect all the good and bad attributes to help you make an informed choice.

1.   Wix Editor and Wix ADI

When deciding to build your website on Wix, you have two choices at your disposal. The Wix Editor or Wix ADI.

wix adi

Create your website by using Wix Editor for a more hands-on approach or Wix ADI for an automated method.

The Wix Editor

Wix Editor is the feature that makes Wix malleable. All you have to do is drag and drop.

Wix Editor opens the user up to all the choices provided on the site. You can customize your website and add features, Apps, tools, widgets, and galleries as you see fit.

Explore unique Wix Editor features like Photo Filters and Animated Texts. You can even upload your own Text Font if you like.

Wix site offers a quick step-by-step video guide to building your website with Wix Editor. If you are new to website building watch the video, if not,  skip and get right into it.


Wix ADI is an automated AI feature that builds the website for you using an algorithm. Newbies and users who are pressed for time find this feature indispensable.

This was all about Wix and all its features. This is one of the best website builders that you can use to start your own blog or website. These features mentioned here are some of the major features and part from these there are quite a lot of minor and important features as well. Hopefully, the provided has been of help to you.

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