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31 Mar 2020

Blog Post

Reasons why A2 Hosting is getting the momentum it deserves!

Reasons why A2 Hosting is getting the momentum it deserves! 

Well, before we deep dive into A2 hosting, we need to understand why hosting is required and the importance of it? Hosting has its own importance and advantages as well. To make your website go live, you need hosting for sure. There are many companies who are into this service like SG Hosting, GoDaddy hosting, Hostgator Hosting, and Fatcow Hosting. What make A2 Hosting special among the rest? We will be discussing about the interesting facts about A2 hosting. Stay tuned! 

The Market Research: 

According to the reports and customer reviews, A2 hosting acquires the first position among the 12 other service providers. What makes it stand in the very first position? It is only because of price, service, and the quality. 

Moneyback Guarantee: 

The Company promises to deliver a money back guarantee, if you don’t want to continue service with the company. But it should be informed within 30 working days. To the best of our knowledge, we think only a few companies run this campaign but the A2, makes sure that your money is refunded in your account within 7 working days. 

Customer Support: 

They have a dedicated team wherein, they work day and night to make sure that the client’s issue is resolved in 24 hours of time. You can always get in touch with them through chat, call, or through mails. According to us, we hardly remember issues with A2 hosting and even if you get, it will be solved within no time. 

Different types of Hosting: 

Shared web hosting is supposed to be one of the cost-effective a2 hosting plans but then, it has a lot of limitations. You will not be allowed to access premium features. Since you are hosting will be made on one single server, it might affect the page speed and the up-time. Henceforth, we would always recommend a dedicated and cloud web hosting plans. Even though these plans are expensive, it is totally worth it for sure. You will be given access to use all the premium features. 

Whereas, in Dedicated Web Hosting, you will get that access to all the features. Since your domain will be hosted on a particular server, you don’t have to break your head when it comes to encryption and other safety measures. It is little expensive than shared web hosting but it is highly recommended if you have got number of visitors. 

In Cloud Web Hosting, all your data is being stored in cloud and can be retrieved any time. Cloud Web Hosting is very much expensive and ideal for E-commerce sites. 


A2 Promises to provide 99.98% up-time and also help the clients to maintain their page speed. It is quite natural that the page speed will affect the traffic. If you want more traffic on your website, make sure your page loads faster. 


A2 is very much flexible with the payment terms. There are 3 different split-ups the company offers: 

  • Monthly Payment
  • One-year Payment 
  • Two-year Payment
  • Three-year Payment

The longer the tenure you choose, lesser the price you get as A2 promises to provide great offers for those who stays with them for a longer period of time. 


Security has always been an issue but then, you don’t have worry about this when you have opted for A2 Hosting. They make sure that your website is safe from the intruders. We have considered this point as one of the most important advantage of this hosting. 

Hope we have considered all the points on A2 hosting. When the company promises to deliver things that are benefitting us, then what is stopping you from buying a hosting? You are just a click away. Go with it!

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