Pros and Cons of Norton Anti-Virus


Many of you might be thinking why do you have to invest money in buying a premium version of anti-virus to your system but at the same time, you should also think about your data and other things that are available in the system. To start with, what is a virus? The virus is supposed to be a malicious program, which is going to impact the computer without even notifying the user. Would you like to know how to prevent and protect your system? You just have to do one thing, get a premium version of anti-virus, which ensures that your computer is not only protected with anti-virus but also from malware, spyware, and ransomware. Symantec has been amazing in developing Norton, one of the best anti-virus protection programs available in the market. All You Need to do is to stay with us to know the advantages and disadvantages of Norton.

Detection of Virus: 

Virus Detection is supposed to be one of the major aspects of the anti-virus program. They have been absolutely brilliant in this department and have recorded good virus detection rates. Ever since 2009, Norton users are very much satisfied with their service and quality.


Usually, computers are loaded with this anti-virus but you are allowed to use it for 30 days. After one month, you just have to buy the subscription to continue the service and that is when Norton has proved that they are still the pioneers in this department. They provide all in one solution for cost-effective pricing, which is any going to benefit in one or the other way.


You don’t have to break your head to install this anti-virus. There are instruction sets that you need to follow to ensure that you don’t miss anything while installing the programs.

Updates and Support: 

Since they have been in this industry for many years, reliability and stability are the two things that you need to consider. They have designed the program in such a way that the update keeps happening in the background so, as to ensure that there is no threat from the viruses.


One of the main disadvantages of Norton is the usage of system resources. Symantec is working on this and they are pretty sure that it is going to be fixed in no time.

We hope this answers most of your doubts regarding the Pros and Cons of Norton Anti-Virus. Just in case you have any further questions, you can always ask us. Thanks!


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