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31 Mar 2020

Blog Post

Key features you should know about Google Analytics
Digital Marketing

Key features you should know about Google Analytics 

In today’s world, the technology has improved incredibly fast and one such field is tracking. The best part digital marketing is that is can be easily tracked for there are many amazing tools. One such tool for tracking is google analytics. Google analytics is an amazing tool which can used and optimized and know on every single detail about your website is with your user. In simple words google analytics is a tool that is use to analyze on how your campaign have been working. Google analytics is one of the most used platforms for analytics, so here we have some of the key features on google seo analytics.

Key features on google seo analytics:

Track your Visitors

Yes, google analytics help can help you know a lot about visitors. This tools actually acts as a traffic reporter where you get to know about how many people are visiting your website, through which source plus you can also know on how many visitors are visiting from which country, state or city. This feature will help you know whether you are reaching the right audience or not.

Keyword Referral

Have you ever wondered on what is that word that they might have searched for and your website appeared? Google analytics have all covered it for you. They help to know through which keyword they have clicked on our website. This feature may also help us to know on which keyword you can choose to increase your traffic to your website.

Customer Engagement

There is one amazing feature in this tool where you can know on how well your users are engaging with your website. In this tool you can get to know on how much time the user is taking on one page, they let us on the average session time taken by the users and also the bounce rate of the website that is how many users are exiting with in fraction of seconds .

These are some of the key features of google seo analytics that you should know. There are many other such amazing features on this platform that you can use. This is one the best tool that gives you every minute details on how the site is interacting with the users. There is also a demo account available for people who want to know on how exactly google analytics work plus know about every single feature that they have to offer you. Keep visiting to know more on SEO, content writing and digital marketing.

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