Hostgator- a reliable web hosting solution for indian webmasters


Hostgator is defined as the top web hosting companies which has millions of domains all around the world. Also hostgator provides services for hosting websites and blogs online and used for purchasing domain names online. The main things required to have a website or blog is to create web hosting and domain name for the website or blog to be online on the web. So hostgator can be used in India which can be useful to webmasters as the services can located in India and get the support for the payment options.

Hostgator features India and Exclusive Offer

 Hostgator has all functions that you need to host your Website in India. Be it WordPress, E-trade portal, Drupal or each other CMS. The best part over here is, Hostgator gives various web website hosting plans. For instance, as a started you might want to start with shared hosting that cost the least. Afterwards when your website traffic increases, you can move the VPS or dedicated server. Then you need to get in touch with customer support to move the website and they can do it for free of cost.  This web hosting has feature that includes Round the clock manual, unlimited storage, one click on WordPress set up,Latest cPanel. The most important thing with the hostgator is that you can have 45 days money back guarantee when you don’t want to host your site with them, then you can get the money back which has to be decide within 45 days. When the server is located in India, this will be the advantages to indian webmasters.  Moreover, all hosting plans are the same in the hostgator.

How does the location of your web server affect the website speed

When userloads or opens an internet website, it passes from the data center of its host to the patron thru a passage of interconnected networks that is referred to as the internet. To reach the users pc, the statistics is transferred through the quickest, most-efficient direction of networks inside the internet.

The time a server takes to achieve and device a request from a tourist is referred to as its latency. In times in which the server is located on a exceptional continent from the individual, latency is known to growth and have an effect on web page load time adversely.

Some facts need to be known about the website speed

  • 1- second delay in page can cause 7% decrease in the conversion rate of your e-commerce website.
  • Google has its calculates that by slowing its search results by four-tenths of second, they could lose 8 million searches per day.

So the hostgator can help the visitors in India to experience 10x faster speeds than hosted internationally Amongst all of the different advantages of web hosting domestically together with low latency and faster load instances. Even hostgator India clients can opt for website hosting each in the US and in India relying on wherein your target audience is placed.

    Hope I have all the topics in my article about hostgator- a reliable web hosting solution for indian webmasters. Thanks for reading!


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