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01 Apr 2020

Blog Post

All You Need to Know about SiteGround

All You Need to Know about SiteGround 

SiteGround is one of the most famous web hosting companies, which was founded in 2004. The most surprising part is that SiteGround was initially founded by a few university students.

The most recent information and data, reported as to be servicing easily more than 1,800,000 domains throughout the globe. It confidently provides services such as cloud hosting, email hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers as well as domain registrations. Presently, SiteGround employs more than 500 people.

In the year 2014, part of the company’s team began working on another version of it called Kyup. Kyup is a side-project that would allow the entire company to completely focus on the extra technically-oriented areas of the markets of various expertise like develops and developers.

Siteground Hosting Package 2019 Discounts

SiteGround comes with its 3 best premium hosting plans with a price range starting from $3.95/month and highest plans till $11.95/month. Below you will find a detailed description of all the plans provided by SiteGround:

Web Hosting Plans by SiteGround:

Here are the web-hosting plans that are provided by Siteground:

Startup Web Hosting Plan:

The StartUp is the cheapest among all the plans provided by SiteGround with pricing $3.95 per month and if you want the regular renewal then it will be $11.95 per month. You will only get one website for hosting and 10 GB of web space with 10,000 visits approximately. So, if you are looking for hosting a single website with a decent pricing range then the StartUp web hosting plan will be the best one for you.

GrowBig Web Hosting Plan:

GrowBig is the most popular plan among its users for website hosting solutions. In this plan, SiteGround provides an unlimited website for hosting along with 20GB of webspace. This package costs around $19.95/month on renewal and in the initial signup, it will cost around $5.95/month. This plan also offers a free SSL certificate for better security of your website.

GoGeek Web Hosting Plan:

This plan is an expensive plan that offers a lot of features to its users for web hosting. With a price starting from $11.95 during the signup and $29.95 during the monthly renewal the GoGeek plan offers unlimited website hosting with 30 Gb of webspace. As per the price range, this plan also provides you free SSL certificate along with 1,00,000 visits per month along with all the essential, premium and Geeky WordPress features.

SiteGround has over four data centers in four different countries. These countries include the Netherlands, the United States, Singapore, and the UK. It runs Apache, CentOS, MySQL, PHP and WHM/cPanel on all its servers. The company has successfully developed multiple software solutions for account monitoring, account isolation, account reaction, and speed-optimization, which is sold under the 1H brand. It is also used by other hosting companies in Linux.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

SiteGround actively uses Solid State Drives or SSD to store their bulk data on day to day basis. SiteGround has famous partners all over the world and among these few of them are Cloudflare, SingleHop, CloudFlare, 1H, Spam Experts, OpenSRS, cPanel, SoftLayer, GlobalSign, Printful, Softaculous, and Open Classifieds. If you are looking forward to buying your company a domain or email hosting, you can undoubtedly go for SiteGround.





























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