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01 Apr 2020

Blog Post

All You Need To Know About FatCow

All You Need To Know About FatCow 

Fatcow is a web hosting platform that was established in the year 1998. It provides its users with a very reliable and affordable alternative for web hosting solutions. In these recent years, Fatcow has gained popularity rapidly among its old users as well as new users. If you are looking for a small start-up business web hosting or domain then Fatcow will be the best place to start.

Unlike most other web hosting solutions that have multiple plans at different prices, Fatcow provides an only single premium plan for its users that is $49 per year which is very useful for those who don’t want to recharge the plan again and again. Just as other web hosting solutions Fatcow also has some great features which make this platform a beast and those features are listed below.

Features of FatCow Web Hosting:

Personalized Site Building Tools:

Make an expert looking site with only a couple of snaps by just utilizing some of dynamic themes and formats. No programming, coding or HTML experience required! Just drag and drop your favorite element and build your website like a pro.

Coordinated Google Webmaster Tools:

Google Webmaster Tools furnishes you with point by point reports about your pages’ permeability on Google trends totally coordinated inside your FatCow Plan!

Fatcow Web Hosting

Application Installation Wizards:

You will find easy to utilize install wizards which gives you well-ordered directions to mixing it up of utilization to your website photograph displays, blog programming and then some!

Online Marketing Store and Selling Tools:

Fatcow offers an assortment of devices to enable you to sell web-based shopping baskets, lists with coupons and deals alternatives, PayPal incorporation and many more. You can also even acknowledge Visas on the web.


Alter your email address to upgrade your expert picture. You can send newsletters, offers and many more to encourage your users for your business profits. Additionally, you’ll have the option to check your mail from anyplace.

Web crawler and Marketing Advertising Credits:

Achieve new clients and develop your business utilizing our showcasing devices and internet searcher publicizing, including Google, Facebook, and Yahoo! Make your website so reliable that you can rank at the top.

Fatcow hosting review

Friendly user support:

Fatcow provides you 100% customer support with 24×7 services. If you are facing any problems regarding any issue then you can reach out to them via phone, email or online chat as well.

Fatcow is one of the best solutions for cheap web hosting with a reliable plan, sources and support. You will find amazing tools to build your website along with various webmaster tools to rank your website. Fatcow has been appreciated with many awards such as best low-cost hosting 2009, top-rated hosting 2009, most trusted web hosting platform and many more. So with all these features, you will find out that Fatcow is a reliable web hosting solution for the majority of users who are looking for a new web hosting platform.

Thank You for reading.

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